The Spring 2020 BLPOA Newsletter

The Spring 2020 BLPOA Newsletter is here, chock full of interesting stuff pertaining to lake issues.  This includes pieces on:

  • water level variations,
  • maintaining septic systems,
  • critter-proof composting,
  • our new stock of lake buoys,
  • our submission to Tay Valley Township on the Recreation Master Plan and its proposal for a public canoe/kayak launch,
  • news on our web site and email system,
  • updates on our finances, and
  • info on the Tay Valley Township Climate Action Plan.

And, in case you might miss it we have our usual appeals for help in paying your membership fees (which can now be done by e-payment), helping us update our rather spotty owners records, and asking people to subscribe to our emails.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy in this unprecedented year.

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