Mission and Objectives

The Mission of the Black Lake Property Owner’s Association is to identify and maintain an interest in the issues of broad-based concern that may impact the value of owning property abutting Black Lake while at the same time promoting or undertaking activities that will help foster a community spirit. The Objectives of the Association are:

  • To represent all Black Lake Property owners.
  • To help preserve and/or enhance the quality of life for all residents of Black Lake by providing a forum to collectively discuss and, if possible, resolve issues of common concern.
  • To provide a unified voice in all matters pertaining to and directly affective Black Lake’s water, shoreline, watershed and adjacent lands. Issues of on-going interest include, but are not limited to: health of the environment; crime prevention; fire safety; road maintenance; safety in/on the water; noise/light pollution; and, development activity.
  • To monitor the activity of and liaise with the Township of Tay Valley, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, government agencies and other lake associations, as appropriate to identify and or comment on the potential impact of an issue or initiative on Association members.
  • To initiate and/or support activities that will facilitate members getting to know their neighbours and develop a sense of community.