2020 BLPOA ‘Virtual’ Annual General Meeting

This announcement is to commence the 2020 Black Lake Property Owners Association ‘virtual’ Annual General Meeting. If you are not a current member of the BLPOA (e.g., you have not renewed your membership or have never joined), please take this moment to sign up here before proceeding.

This post contains links to several documents that are either for information (a President’s message) or to be voted on (such as minutes from last year).  They are mentioned and linked to below.  All motions have been pre-moved and pre-seconded by Board members.

You will also be voting for the President and the Board of Directors.  Should you wish to be a Director there is space to add your name.  Ditto for the Presidency.

Voting is via a Microsoft 365 Form, which is here.  This is similar to the earlier one on the Recreation Master Plan. 

Please note that you should only vote if you are an owner and a paid member for this year, and to confirm this the form asks for your road address and an attestation that you are a paid-up member.  Note, though, that co-owners (up to two per property) can vote.

The meeting agenda is effectively the form/ballot.  It will not take you long to fill it out.  

First, here is a President’s message updating you on what we accomplished last year.  

Second, here are the draft minutes of the 2019 AGM, which need to be approved on the ballot.  There were two follow-up items.  One was on stocking the lake, covered in the Spring Newsletter (the government won’t do it as we have no public access and doing it on our own would be “redonkulously” expensive) and lake phosphorous capacity assessment, where nothing was done as a follow up.

Third is Bruce Brook’s Treasurer’s Report for 2019.  It is in the Spring 2020 Newsletter, here, which needs to be approved.  Still on finances you will also be asked to approve (1) leaving membership fees at $25 a year, where they have been for years and years, (2) keeping the donation to the volunteer firefighters at $200, and (3) renewing our BLPOA insurance policy (without which we would not be doing buoys and maybe not even have Directors!)

We are also changing our Constitution.  It said we were a corporation, but we never were.  We are also needing to clean up some other language, including dropping the impossible requirement that we contact all the owners who have not provided us with any contact information.  A version with the changes ‘marked up’ is attached here.  The AGM must approve the changes.

In a real AGM we get updates from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) on a variety of issues, with water quality the most popular.  The best we can do this year is the updated charts on water quality over time on the lake through last year, here.  If you are wondering, they did do some 2020 testing in early July.  

The Tay Valley Township (TVT) Reeve and one or more officials also come to answer questions at in-person AGMs.  Obviously not this year.  If you wish to be updated on TVT you can go to their website, which is chock full of good info.  You can also subscribe to TVT emails, here.  

Then you get to vote for your leadership.  I am running again, which would be my third term as President.  There have been no other declared candidates so far, but there is a write-in spot.

You also get to pick your Board of Directors.  The current Board is standing again and James Anderson has volunteered to be on the Board too.  The vote is for the slate, as we are not at risk of exceeding the maximum allowed number of Directors, but there is space to add a name too.  

That is it.  The voting form will be open for two weeks, though the 26th of July.  

Stay safe and healthy this summer.

Cliff Halliwell, President, BLPOA

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