TVT planning meeting June 7th

Hello Black Lake Property Owners Association members.

Tay Valley Township contacted the Association late last week requesting comment on a difficult rezoning application for a property on Black Lake.  The Staff Report (link) explains the difficulties and the number of exceptions and precedents it would set.  The TVT staff recommendation as well as that of the opinion provided by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority clearly does not support amending the Zoning Bylaw.  The BLPOA Board has reviewed and discussed the documents provided by TVT and concurs with the recommendation due to the numerous concerns identified in the report as well as the precedents it would set.  Below is the verbatim response we provided to the Township earlier today.  If you would like to attend the meeting or submit a comment of your own, please see the notice regarding the meeting June 7th meeting (link) provided by the Township for further details.

Your BLPOA Board of Directors

Hello Kristine,
Thank you for sending the Notice and asking the Black Lake Property Owner’s Association for comment.  The Board of Directors has reviewed the Notice and your additional information carefully and discussed this at length, and is in support of the Staff recommendation to Council and the opinion provided by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority that Zoning By-law 02-021 not be amended based on the precedents this would set regarding both lot coverage and waterfront setback. 
We will be forwarding a copy of this statement along with the Notice and Staff Report to all members on our mailing list for their information and to advise them of the date of the meeting.
BLPOA Board of Directors

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