The Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring is here and so is your newsletter…
…chock full of useful information, as usual.

This year we have material on:

* water levels and variations
* fighting the likely scourge of gypsy moths
* local recreation opportunities
* a directory of some local services, related to lake owner needs (it does not cover the usual commercial services, such as electrician, plumbers, contractors as they are on the web and numerous)
* the buoys update
* how to responsibly deal with leaves on your property
* the finances update
* some news from your local council and conservation authority

Here is the newsletter.

Now is also a good time to remind you, as we have and will again, to renew your membership or join if you did not last year.  Your lake association does not just run off volunteer time.  Membership fees are used for activities such as buoys purchases and deployment and the web site and the insurance policy and the annual donation to the volunteer firefighters.  If last year’s big increase in membership is sustained this year we will be able to expand shoal marking somewhat and hopefully expand water quality sampling.

If you have paid for this year, thanks ever so much.  If you haven’t yet, it is easy.  How is on the first page of the newsletter.  

In the meantime, do stay safe.  See you at the lake.  Happy Easter.

Cliff Halliwell, BLPOA President
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