Spots available on BLPOA executive

As of this year’s July 9th AGM there are three long-serving BLPOA executive members  who will not be standing again for nomination. They are Bob Everett, Greg Hallam and Carol Williams.  A sincere thanks for their service over the past years! If you are interested in getting involved in the executive let myself or any other executive member know. The requirements are not too onerous and typically require attending 2-3 meetings over the course of a year. As Carol has been our newsletter editor the last few years we could really use someone with an interest in coordinating the creation of our spring 2017 newsletter. As well as being our president for many years in a row Bob Everett has been our ‘Buoy master’ so we also need someone to help get the buoys in and out.

Also – a Black Lake trivia question for you. During the early 1990’s dynamite was used at Black Lake to blow up the beaver dam on Black Creek. What was the reason for this?

a) to help keep the lake level low
b) to help pickerel spawn
c) someone really didn’t like beavers
d) all of the above

Submit your answer to me. All winning answers will receive an extra Timbit at the AGM.

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