Results from BLPOA Survey on TVT Master Recreation Plan

Thanks to everyone who filled out our second only BLPOA Survey.  We had 77 responses.  I have now put the results together and they are here, with charts of the responses and a brief statement of what the results showed for each question.

What they did show is that Black Lake owners are widely opposed to having any public canoe/kayak launch on Black Lake.  The primary source of the opposition is concern about local litter and washroom issues, especially important for adjacent property owners.

These results will be sent to TVT for when they further consider the Master Recreation Plan.

That said, TVT did vote to drop any reference to specific lakes, including that to ‘Site 10’ on Black lake, when they approved the final plan.  That does not preclude their considering it later, but suggests they became aware of our opposition.

I think we can count this tool (it is Microsoft Forms, an included part of a subscription to Microsoft 365) as successful for this purpose.  We will be using it more in the coming month or so for virtualizing our AGM, which will not be in-person this year for somewhat obvious reasons.  We still need membership approvals for various things and this is how we will ‘vote’.  So, stay tuned.

And stay safe and health, in mind as well as body

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