COVID-19’s Impact on Life at the Lake

While it is our hope that COVID-19 stays far away from all who call Black Lake “home”, either seasonally or year-round, this virus has impacted all of our daily lives.  I cannot think of a better place to practice social distancing!  Unfortunately, some who own property here may find 2020 the year (or part-year) they could not come and enjoy our shores and waters.

Due to the closure of the international border with the United States for “non-essential” travel, and until this closure is lifted, American-resident owners are unable to return to Black Lake.  Additionally, even Canadian-resident owners of seasonal homes have been discouraged from heading to their cottages by Tay Valley Township’s Reeve Brian Campbell in order to preserve health care resources and local grocery store supplies for the local year-round residents until this crisis passes.

fire ban

Additionally, the fire departments of Lanark County declared a total open-air burn ban effective 2 April for an indefinite period of time to avoid placing our firefighters at greater risk or to strain demand for fire services while social distancing is our norm.

With so many of our neighbours anticipated to be absent much of the year, and with the way we all have to change how we interact with the ones who are here, it is our plan to make use of this website, email communications and surveys in lieu of holding an in-person Annual General Meeting this year, as it is unlikely that in 90 days this pandemic will have completely resolved itself and that everyone will feel safe occupying seats in vast numbers and close proximity to each other in Burgess Hall.

Everyone please stay safe and healthy, and we can all hope that this pandemic will end soon.

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