Bears at the lake


People on Black Lake Road have been reporting a Black Bear visiting them the past few nights. He (or she) has been visiting compost bins, garbage and bird feeders. Apparently bears have also been spotted on Star Hill Road and Lakeview Drive this summer.

There is a lot of great information in the link below on how to avoid bear interactions and what to do if you are visited.

Limiting potential attractive food sources is the major to do item :
• keep garbage and compost secure
• don’t feed your pets outside
• don’t put bird feeders outside in summer
• keep your bar-b-q clean

As people have noted on our Facebook page the berry crop is poor this year and this is normally a bear’s major food source. So we can expect continued bear visits in the coming months.

Apart from reporting bears to the ‘Bear Wise’ phone line ( see link above) perhaps folks who see bears or evidence of bears in the coming months can report their sightings on our Facebook page.

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