Notes and minutes from Lake Networking Group meeting

On September 30th there was another meeting of the Lake Networking Group and Cliff Halliwell represented the BLPOA. The minutes and notes are available below.

Lake Networking Group meeting minutes Sept 2016

Cliff Halliwells notes on LNG meeting

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Draft minutes from the July BLPOA meeting

Draft minutes from the July 9th, 2016 AGM are available here.


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Bears at the lake


People on Black Lake Road have been reporting a Black Bear visiting them the past few nights. He (or she) has been visiting compost bins, garbage and bird feeders. Apparently bears have also been spotted on Star Hill Road and Lakeview Drive this summer.

There is a lot of great information in the link below on how to avoid bear interactions and what to do if you are visited.

Limiting potential attractive food sources is the major to do item :
• keep garbage and compost secure
• don’t feed your pets outside
• don’t put bird feeders outside in summer
• keep your bar-b-q clean

As people have noted on our Facebook page the berry crop is poor this year and this is normally a bear’s major food source. So we can expect continued bear visits in the coming months.

Apart from reporting bears to the ‘Bear Wise’ phone line ( see link above) perhaps folks who see bears or evidence of bears in the coming months can report their sightings on our Facebook page.

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Spots available on BLPOA executive

As of this year’s July 9th AGM there are three long-serving BLPOA executive members  who will not be standing again for nomination. They are Bob Everett, Greg Hallam and Carol Williams.  A sincere thanks for their service over the past years! If you are interested in getting involved in the executive let myself or any other executive member know. The requirements are not too onerous and typically require attending 2-3 meetings over the course of a year. As Carol has been our newsletter editor the last few years we could really use someone with an interest in coordinating the creation of our spring 2017 newsletter. As well as being our president for many years in a row Bob Everett has been our ‘Buoy master’ so we also need someone to help get the buoys in and out.

Also – a Black Lake trivia question for you. During the early 1990’s dynamite was used at Black Lake to blow up the beaver dam on Black Creek. What was the reason for this?

a) to help keep the lake level low
b) to help pickerel spawn
c) someone really didn’t like beavers
d) all of the above

Submit your answer to me. All winning answers will receive an extra Timbit at the AGM.

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TVT planning meeting June 7th

Hello Black Lake Property Owners Association members.

Tay Valley Township contacted the Association late last week requesting comment on a difficult rezoning application for a property on Black Lake.  The Staff Report (link) explains the difficulties and the number of exceptions and precedents it would set.  The TVT staff recommendation as well as that of the opinion provided by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority clearly does not support amending the Zoning Bylaw.  The BLPOA Board has reviewed and discussed the documents provided by TVT and concurs with the recommendation due to the numerous concerns identified in the report as well as the precedents it would set.  Below is the verbatim response we provided to the Township earlier today.  If you would like to attend the meeting or submit a comment of your own, please see the notice regarding the meeting June 7th meeting (link) provided by the Township for further details.

Your BLPOA Board of Directors

Hello Kristine,
Thank you for sending the Notice and asking the Black Lake Property Owner’s Association for comment.  The Board of Directors has reviewed the Notice and your additional information carefully and discussed this at length, and is in support of the Staff recommendation to Council and the opinion provided by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority that Zoning By-law 02-021 not be amended based on the precedents this would set regarding both lot coverage and waterfront setback. 
We will be forwarding a copy of this statement along with the Notice and Staff Report to all members on our mailing list for their information and to advise them of the date of the meeting.
BLPOA Board of Directors

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Spring newsletter is here

The BLPOA Spring newsletter is right here for your reading pleasure.

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BLPOA AGM is July 9th

Black Lake Property Owners Association Annual General Meeting

Saturday July 9th, doors open at 8:30 am , meeting starts at 9:00 am

North Burgess Hall
4174 Narrows Lock Rd.

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FOCA/Lake Networking Group “Keeping the Family in the Family Cottage” seminar on Aug. 14.

Your BLPOA participates regularly in the Lake Networking Group to share information among many local lake associations. The LNG has arranged for the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA) to present a free seminar in Perth on August 14th 2016. The title is “Cottage Sharing Agreements Learn how to “Keep the ‘Family’ in the Family Cottage”.

This is free for BLPOA members since we’re part of LNG. Details included in this flyer. Information about pre-registration is on the flyer.

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